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President of Ukraine Speech in the Parliament

Summarizing up the events of the last year, the President of Ukraine has focused attention on the urgent issues of domestic and foreign policy, European integration, the fight against corruption, reform of the Interior Ministry, judicial reform and so on.

 Speaking of common objectives for the future, Poroshenko said to be doubling and tripling of efforts to strengthen Ukraine. "This position of guarantor is very close to me, - said the People's Deputy of Ukraine Alexander Gerega. - Also support a final and irreversible course of Ukraine to joining the EU and Europeanization."

He reminded that since January 1, 2016 Association Agreement signed a year ago, starts to operate fully.

The "Big Seven" made a decision to support Ukraine to restructure the debt. A broad international coalition has dealt a powerful blow to the Russian economy through the Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

Many of Voters of Ukraine, as well as the 192 th election district of Khmelnytsky region, concerned about the indexation of salaries and pensions. President of Ukraine appealed to the government to speed up the possible indexation of salaries and pensions, noting that this should be done carefully and without populism in order not to unbalance the budget.

 The Ukrainian President also said that the English language will be one of the priorities of state policy, and announced his intention to support the program Go Global, under which the English language is one of the leading. However, Poroshenko promised full support to Ukrainian.


Our country deserves success!


Glory to Ukraine!