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Remember our veterans!

The memory of these victims and the heroism of the people oblige us to realize that if there was a common victory over fascism, post-war generations would not exist. There would not only Ukraine as a sovereign state, but the Ukrainian nation, because according to the plan "Barbarossa" 80% of Western Ukraine were subject to destruction, and the remaining 20% ​​had become slaves. So we have to remember this war and the veterans who with the price of their lives won us peace!

Celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism took place on May 9 in all parts of Horodok region. The most mass celebration of Victory was in Gorodok.

Gray-haired veterans of the Second World War, soldiers-internationalists, city and district authorities laid wreaths and flowers at the Mound of Glory.

Solemn Column representatives of labor collectives of enterprises, institutions and organizations, residents began at the building of military. Ahead were Horodotska high school gymnasium, in whose hands was state flag as a symbol of independent Ukraine. Garlands, tied with blue and yellow ribbons had soldiers-internationalists. Festive column headed by heads of district and city, representatives of people's deputy of Ukraine Alexander Gerega, the soldiers participating ATO.

A solemn meeting was held at the Obelisk of Glory. A minute of silence participants of the meeting paid tribute to the fallen in World War II.

On behalf of the people's deputy of Ukraine Alexander Gerega, city council executive committee and himself Mayor Vladimir Povoroznyk personally greeted the veterans of World War II and horodochchan.

The priests of various denominations Horodok celebrated common prayer for the victims of this brutal war. Flowers and wreaths at the foot of the obelisk of Fame, where the ashes of liberators from the fascist plague, put veterans younger generation of Horodok, Afghan soldiers, government officials and the public. 

From people's deputy of Ukraine Aleksandr Gerega Veterans got a gift - concert from laureate of Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals, the soloist of Khmelnytsky Symphony Orchestra Artem Romasyukov and national and international competitions and festivals winner Anastasia Hulivata.

The celebration continued in the central square where the concert from young artists was held. The symbol of this year's celebration of Victory Day were red poppies as a symbol of victory and rebirth.

In the distant years 1939-1945 Ukrainian people with heroism, their sacrifice in the struggle for the liberation of Europe made an invaluable contribution to the victory over Nazism. Today Ukraine and Ukrainian outpost of European civilization is the struggle for freedom, democracy, the European values. We won then! We can win today! Glory to Ukraine!

Author: Olena Matveytseva